VETERANS DAY 2018: Veterans Day always falls on November 11. Learn the true meaning of Veterans Day and its important history.


Veterans Day, a U.S. federal vacation, is a time to honor and thank people who are serving or have served in the military and are nonetheless with us.

the word that Veterans Day is distinctive than Memorial Day that is an afternoon to mirror and recollect folks that lost their lives in the carrier to their united states.

On Veterans Day, think about how you can display a veteran greater appreciation. Attend a Veterans Day parade or occasion in your area. Ask a vet about their carrier and honestly pay attention. Visit a VA health facility. Display the flag to salute our veterans! See how to display the Yankee Flag correctly.

In Canada, November 11 is referred to as Remembrance Day. Nowadays, similar to Memorial Day honors veterans who have died in the provider to their us of a.

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